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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

From Left to Right: NAO's second album "Saturn", "Becoming" by Michelle Obama, "Celestial Black Eclipse + Amber" candle by PaddyWax

Hey guys!

My March Faves include #Music, #Books and #Scents.

NAO'S "SATURN" I stumbled on the singer/songwriter #NAO on youtube. My first introduction to her voice was a recording of a live session at AIR Studios. She performed two songs (off her new album Saturn), "Orbit" and "Saturn".

I immediately fell in love! Her voice is unique in that its soulful yet light. She has amazing vocal CONTROL (baby, those runs!), and can effortlessly glide into falsetto and just as quickly cascade to a heavy, heartbreaking baritone.

I instantly bought her album and I've been binging her music ever since. I can't get enough!

NAO (photo credit :BBC)

I wish I had the musical vocabulary to explain what her music sounds like. But I'll try my best:

Generally, a song's verses all sound the same, just with different words. The same goes for the chorus. NAO artfully and successfully intertwines subtle hints of different genres in one song - WITHOUT throwing the whole thing off. I don't know if musically, my description is accurate, but to my untrained ears that's what it sounds like. (Bear with me lol) For example. "Orbit" has heavy stringed instruments at times, but also introduces Congo drums (Lord, help me if that's not what they are) which bear slight resemblance to the beat in Drake's "Hotline Bling".

"Orbit" pushes and pulls on the emotions. One moment I'm near tears, the other I'm tapping my feet and belly dancing.

NAO's ENTIRE album is a must-have for those who appreciate soul that flirts with other genres, yet remains grounded, earthy and mellow.


It's just you, it's just me I lost you in dreams Now I'm falling Please don't catch, let me break Into pieces of hate Still I'm soaring
Kind of sad but you remind me You remind me of a love that I once knew Kind of sad but you remind me You remind me of a love who outgrew me too
He released me into orbit Still I found a way to navigate to you He released me into orbit Still I found a way to gravitate to you.


Truthfully, I am not through with "Becoming"...because, well, life (lol). But so far it's amazing. I can't wait to write a full book review when I'm done reading it.

But so far, the part of the book I've completed covers Mrs. Obama's childhood up until she meets and begins to date Barack. The book is witty, relatable and honest. It's also a well-written book, so if you're someone who doesn't like to read memoirs because of how boring they can become, or because they may use words and sentence construction that loses you before page one - you have nothing to fear.

I also love that the book is written in and mirrors Michelle's voice. If you're familiar with Michelle Obama's speaking voice, her use of language, her grammar - you'll notice that when you read the book, you can almost hear her. In other words, I don't believe the book was ghost-written. It's specific to the way the former first lady expresses herself - which makes the book a warm and cozy read.


The part of the book (so far ) that has struck the greatest chord with me is Mrs. #Obama talking about her piano lessons in her youth. She described the piano's "middle C" as the "anchoring point", that thing that once found "everything else falls into place". Her adventure at a piano recital paved way for the analogy I've been using a lot lately. Telling people that I haven't yet found my "middle C", my anchor, my purpose. Having that analogy helps me to understand what my purpose should feel like, how my spirit should take to it and how it should balance the rest of a recital called life.

"Becoming" encapsulates the essence, grace and wisdom of #Michelle Obama, in only the way a book, with its limited space, can.


Black Eclipse + Amber Candle curated by PaddyWax

How does one describe the scent of a candle?

Paddywax describes this candle as having:


Black Coconut Bitter Lime Spiced Bergamot


Smoked Patchouli Vetiver Velvet White Petals


Dark Amber Tonka Bean Sandalwood

I really don't know what these individually smell like but together it smells like Sunday sunsets, soul music and love.

If I had to describe, the candle smells warm but not earthy, and of spices but not candy sweet. I find it has no floral notes, which I like, because I reserve those for fragrances.

The END!

I hope you enjoyed my first FAVOURITES BLOG POST! What were your favourite books, scents and music/songs for the month of March?

Remember to take care of yourself, so that you in turn can take care of others!

With so much love!


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