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The Mother of All Resignation Letter Templates

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Whether you're quitting your job on short notice or giving your standard two week notice it's always a good idea to hand in a formal resignation letter. You may feel like giving a dramatic exit, but the way you leave a job is critical for your future career prospects.

No matter your reason for leaving you always want to end on a positive note. You may be quitting your job for retirement reasons, changing careers, health reasons or perhaps you're leaving a toxic work environment.

Whatever the reason, this simple straight-forward resignation letter is the perfect template if you're not sure where to start writing your letter of resignation.

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Resignation Letter Examples

Parts of a simple resignation letter


The introduction says that this is your formal resignation and the final date of your employment.

"Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation from [insert place of work]. My final day of employment will be mm/dd/yyyy."


Even if your job was absolutely horrible, bear in mind your resignation letter stays on file.

If future jobs you apply for reach out to past employers and your resignation letter is filled with gripes and complaints (no matter how accurate they may be) this may scare of future employers.

Your second paragraph should say:

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on [mention a few projects]. Working with this staff has been very impactful and I have learned a lot during my time here."

Reason for resignation

You may think that it's none of their business (and rightfully so) but we are talking about human emotions here.

In order to leave on the best note possible, let your employer know that you leaving is all about you and not about them. Your resignation letter should show that your reason for leaving solely revolves around self-enhancement and progression.

Say something like this in your third paragraph:

"I am leaving to pursue other opportunities. However, this is no reflection of my time here. My decision is deeply personal and one that required great introspection."

Offer to help in whatever way you can

This one kinda sucks especially for those who're ready to jump ship.

But the decent thing to do would be to offer to make the transition smooth so you don't leave too big a gap when you leave. Leaving a bad taste in your employer's mouth could spell trouble later down the road.

"If I can help ease the transition in any way, please let me know"

End by wishing the staff the best

"I wish you and the staff continued success"

And that's how you write a short and sweet resignation letter.

Here's the pdf version:

Best Simple Resignation Example
Download PDF • 29KB

Feel free to copy the template provided.

Best of luck!


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